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FJDynamics GPS Systems For Sale.

We do the leg work to find your desired equipment/truck based on the parameters you set

Talk directly with the owner/operator to ask questions and get maintenance history on the asset

We negotiate on your behalf

We vet all asset owners in advance and work only with trustworthy clients who take good care of their equipment

Our in-house financing makes it easy for you to get approved and get the asset you really want before another buyer steps in

We assist in all aspects of the purchase: locating the right asset, setting up meetings, negotiating price, financing, contracts and arranging delivery

Once a client, you will get early access to new listings before the public

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FJ Dynamics 3D Excavator Guidance System
$19,900 USD
The FJ Dynamics 3D Excavator Guidance System is an excavator grade control system with high construction accuracy. It uses a 3D reference model, displaying the real-time excavator and bucket...
Location Lakewood, Ohio, US
MLS Number 11742978