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Who is Equipment Dudes.

Equipment Dudes is a team of of sales and marketing professionals with a history of providing both buyer and seller with an easy, yet memorable experience. We have a deep understanding of the construction and trucking industries, which helps us to identify with our clients' challenges in running successful businesses.

With our massive database of active buyers and sellers, proprietary Fourth Dimension™ marketing system and team of highly-qualified industry experts, we make it easy to buy or sell your existing equipment and trucks without the hassle. We offer a plethora of financing options, as well as equipment valuation services. Our clients are like family to us. Equipment Dudes is built on a foundation of trust, transparency and responsiveness. We put our values first and believe that treating people with respect, fairness and compassion is simply the right way to do business.

Stop wasting your valuable time and let us do all the work.

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12 Things That Set Us Apart.

1. We are extremely active on multiple social media platforms with targeted messaging, managed groups, followers and paid ads.

2. Your equipment listing goes out to our extensive network of buyers, whom we know are active in the used equipment market.

3. We stay intimately connected to our customers and what they need, and will reach out directly by phone and email when we have a new asset for sale.

4. We advertise on several of the leading third party equipment listing websites.

5. We have refined our process for reaching out to new buyers, which we are constantly evaluating to ensure maximum exposure for our sellers.

6. We make the transaction flow smoothly and make both sides feel comfortable with making a deal.

7. We offer financing to directly to buyers, which opens up opportunities that may not otherwise be in play.

8. You will save hours of time otherwise spent on writing ads, taking photos. talking with buyers on the phone, responding to messages, arranging showings, negotiating prices, sending information, etc. You can run your business instead.

9. We vet the opportunities ahead of time, so you don't have to. We ask the right questions to determine if they're serious and qualified to buy.

10. We will get you a fair market price for your equipment. Your return will be significantly higher than taking it to auction, selling to a dealer or trading it in for new equipment.

11. For most business owners, selling their used equipment is a major hassle. Our experience makes us efficient at getting your equipment sold in the shortest amount of time.

12. We are easy to work with, friendly, honest, and fair. We want everyone to win.

"After talking to dozens of tire-kickers, I had a headache and wasted too much of my time. I was introduced to Equipment Dudes by a friend and I handed my truck over to Nick to sell. Within a few week he found me a buyer, handled the contract, setup financing and all I had to do was show up to hand the truck off."

- Bill

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